Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rex learned to go up and down the stairs in 2 days !

Wow!!!!! That is all I can say :-)
Rex went up and down the stairs a few times today and of course got a few treats as a reward for being such a fast learner!
At first his front legs would go up the stairs but his back legs were stuck to the ground hahahaha..... It was so cute and funny!
He went down the stairs right away and finally just went up and down minutes ago!
I got some pictures to prove it!

He is a wonderful wonderful boy and we love having him around as he is a great foster.
We also went for a walk and he did great! He stops went you stop and stay close to you too...
I had to go do a few errants and he stayed nicely in his crate, when I cam back he was just resting .
Here are today's pictures. Enjoy!

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