Friday, March 4, 2011

Gus is still available!

Gus was not too happy at his home and is still available! Only stayed one day and 1/2 and was still adjusting to his new surroundings , people etc...
He really is a nice dog! We have absolutely no problems with him at all. He actually is part of our pack as you can see on the pictures :-)
He was so happy to see us and our dogs were very happy to see him too!
Welcome back sweet Gus!

We went for a nice walk and he did great on the leash. He saw someone on a scooter and a little girl getting of the bus, Gus walked by them nicely then he met 4 little Italian Greyhounds who sniffed him and were all around him and he was great with them! :-)
He loves playing in our yard with the resident hounds and he is so much fun.
He ate all his super and feels quite at home here with us.
We took some nice pictures of Gus playing with Tasha and Lizzy in the yard.
We love Gus and are very happy to foster this affectionate and sweet boy.
If you would like to meet him call Denise @(304) 220-4944

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