Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gus really found his forever home!

We are so so happy for Gus! A very nice family came with their 3 children and their greyhound to meet Gus!

He was a little shy, specially with their 5 years old and he was mostly confused after all 3 houses in a week that is a lot of changes.

But I got some great news....... Gus is adjusting really well with the children, Minnie the greyhound and his new mom and dad too! They love him!
He will have a nice fenced in yard to play and chase Minnie! And there is someone home most of the time! Gus is a very lucky boy!
We really miss you Gus!
I wish him a very happy life with your new family :-)
Gus can come and visit us anytime! :-)

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