Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rex is adapting quite well !

Rex has been with us for only 24 hours and he is doing great so far!
He slept in our bedroom last night as he really likes to be near his foster family and near the other hounds as well.

He waited until I woke up and got out of bed which was 7:30 am for his first potty break just like the other hounds in the house.
Last night he ate all his super and all his breakfast this morning, he is a good eater not picky at all.
He is learning to do stairs , he does need us to show him how and likes our praises! I am sure it's just a matter of time for him to do them all by himself! :-)
Today was our meet and greet and he did great!
He was very curious and actually was a little vocal when he saw some puppies coming in and wanted to go play with them :-)
He also travels well and just slept in the car going to the meet and greet and did exactly just as well riding home.
Right now he is sound asleep in his crate :-)
He is a really good boy and we really enjoy fostering him!
He has great table manners (lets you eat in peace) and a great temperament!
If you would like to meet this gentle boy call Denise @ (304)229-4944 and don't forget to send your application!
Here are a few more pictures and you can see the one I just took of him sleeping in his crate ( after the meet and greet) while I am typing near the living room :-)

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