Monday, March 28, 2011

Rex had another great day!

Rex is still doing wonderful here at his foster home.
He is very sweet and affectionate!
Had a great second night sleep in our bedroom along with the residents hounds and waited until I woke up around 7:30 am for his first bathroom break.
He loves being around his foster family and did some whining while I was in the shower( he was in his crate) this morning but did great for 5 hours in his crate when I had to go to work in the afternoon.
I came back and he was laying in his crate and wagged his tail when I came in the house :-)

He is doing great with the house training too! No accident in the house or the crate!
He gets along really well with our Borzoi girl Tasha and our 2 greyhounds Lizzy and Win.
He is a wonderful boy and enjoys lots of hugs, treats and kisses.
He still has great table manners and stays on a dog bed while you eat your dinner.
For a young 2 years old he is very well behaved and we are happy to say he is very obedient.
If you would like to meet him you know who to call :-)
Here is a picture of Rex in the crate tonight and one from earlier.

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