Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yahoo's Christmas wish came true!

Yahoo, our little foster girl went to her forever home today!
A very loving family came to meet her today and you guessed it! They fell in love with her right away!

She will have have lots of toys and treats in her stocking for Christmas! :-)
She will live with 2 two legged brother and a family who will give her lots of love and attention! :-)
We are very happy for Yahoo! :-)

I will really miss her as she is such a sweet little girl full of love and kisses :-)
but I know in my heart she will be happy with her new family!

Bye Sweet Yahoo and I can't wait to see you at the meet and greet at the Westminster Petsmart!

Here are some pictures we took this morning before she went to her forever home.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yahoo is a fast learner!

Yahoo has been with us for only 3 days is doing really well!
The first day at our house she learned to do the stairs and went all the way to our bedroom at bedtime and slept like a baby on her dog bed all night and is really a pro at going up and down the stairs! So every night she sleeps in our bedroom along with the residents hounds.

She is in her crate only when I am either in the shower or out of the house and she is doing really well ! I left her already up to 3 hours today and she was fine and was resting comfortably!
The first day she was in her crate she did cry a little bit but not a long time at all and now does great!

She loves counter surfing and a "No Yahoo" lets her know she has too leave the kitchen and she does listen well and loves to please :-)
She had one little accident in the house but was not her fault . Her foster Dad did not let her out in our yard when he let her out of the crate and she was in it for 3 hours and that was the only time :-)

She loves going on the sofa , sometimes she does not want to share it with the residents hounds( only when she is the first one on it ) and then just bark once at them , we are correcting that by telling her to get of the sofa if she does not want to share it.

We took her for a quick walk as it is really cold , and she did fine on the leash too :-)

She really is a sweet little girl who will greet you every time with tons of kisses and tail wagging!
Her are some pictures with took of Yahoo and if you wish to meet this little sweetie call Denise at (304)229-4944

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Introducing Yahoo Yamaha our new little foster girl!

Yahoo Yamaha has arrived!
She did really well in the car and after giving me lots of kisses and lots of tail wagging she rested comfortably all the way home.

She sniffed the yard, met the residents hounds and everyone in her foster family.

She is really really small and very very cute :-)
Yahoo is very affectionate and very curious as of course everything is new to her.
Right now she is resting comfortably on her dog bed:-)

We will keep you updated on her progress.

Here are some pictures of today her very first few hours at her foster home.

If you would like to meet this little princess give Denise a shout! @ (304) 229-4944

Saturday, December 4, 2010

West went to his forever home today!

Today a very nice couple came to meet West and of course you guessed it they fell in love with him!
He is going to make his new family very happy and he is a very lucky boy himself!

He will live with 3 other greyhounds, a 2 legged brother and a family who will spend lots of time with him. :-)))))

He will have lots of stuffies to play with and a nice fenced in yard to run and play chase.

We really enjoyed this nice boy and we can't wait to see him at Dewey Beach and at the picnic!

We miss you, West! We are also so happy for you!

See you soon , sweet boy!

Monday, November 29, 2010

West is still available :-))))

Yesterday, we took West with our greyhound to the meet and greet and a couple of families were there to meet him.

He was very well behaved and even laid down a few times on the dog bed we brought for him.
He was so cute and he loved meeting new greys that came by to say Hi!

He is such a nice boy and if you would like to meet him, call Denise@(304)229-4944

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

West will be at the Westminster Petsmart!

West is going to be at the Westminster Petsmart this Sunday November 28!
He is such a great dog! We really love him here as he is such a joy, always well behaved, very loving, and very cuddly!
I let him rest on the sofa while I take my shower in the morning and when I come down in the living room. He is still sound a sleep :-)

He has been spending a few hours ( about 2 ) in his crate this week on a daily basis while I did some shopping and he was fine . Also today, I was away for 4 1/2 hours and he was fine in his crate and we were so very proud of him! :-)))))

He is still accident free and he will let you when he has to go ! :-)

A good home for him will be one where there is another greyhound or medium-sized dog to keep him company while the humans are gone, and a family who either works from home, part-time, or is retired .

If you would like to meet this super nice boy call Denise @ (304)229-4944 and come meet him at the Westminster petsmart this Sunday November 28 between 11:30 am -1:30 pm.

Friday, November 19, 2010

West is part of the pack!

We have had West for 5 days now and he is doing so well at our house.
We only have wonderful things to say about this gentleman!
We took him to the pet store to go buy some more treats and he did great! He just rested in the car and was friendly to everyone ( 2 0r 4 legged creatures ).
He loves going for walks and met lots of little dogs and of course, you guessed it, he was really sweet to them. He is a happy hound with great manners and gets along well with dogs all sizes and ignored the kitten that my neighbor was holding in his arms. :-)
He will definitely be a Mommy's boy but he loves everyone that comes in the house.

He sleeps all night in our bedroom along with the resident hounds , had no accidents in the house , and is a really wonderful boy !

When I go take my shower, I crate him and 90% of the time he just rest in his crate... sometimes he makes a little funny bark and does another one a few minutes later and that is it! Then he just rests until I come back to the living room.
Yesterday, he stayed for 1 hour and a half while I left the house and did great! I came back and he was resting in his crate. :-)

He loves the sofa and loves to cuddle with his foster family. Yes, he is spoiled :-))))
I let my dogs go on the sofa and it would be so unfair not to let West go on it, so if you would like to meet this great boy and have a soft sofa to share with him or want a buddy to cuddle with while watching a scary movie call Denise!
Here are some nice pictures of West we took this week.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

West is here!

We got our new foster....... His name is West .
He met the residents hounds , his foster family, checked out the yard and checked out the house.

He is a sweet boy and he is so handsome!

He is also housebroken, cat safe and small dog and kids friendly :-)

We will post more about West in a few days.
Here are some pictures of West from his first day with us.

If you would like to meet him call Denise @ (304) 229-4944

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tami has a forever home.

Tami just left with her new family and we are so happy for her as she will be loved and spoiled!
Her new family will continue to work with her and keep her in her crate every day for a little while so she gets comfortable staying home alone a little bit at a time .

She is a very happy girl and I know she will give her new mom and dad lots of love and kisses. She really is so much fun!

We are happy that she will come and visit with us in December for a few days, we can't wait!

And we can't wait to see her at our Meet and Greet in November.

Goodbye Sweet Tami, we miss you already but are really happy for you too!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tami is going to her forever home on Friday!

We are so happy for Tami, a very nice couple came to meet Tami at the meet and greet and fell in love with her.
She will stay with us until Friday and we will enjoy a few more days with this sweet girl :-)

She is doing really really good. Yesterday I left her in her crate and she did not cry at all .
So she will do great in her crate for a couple of hours for sure without whining!

Here are some pictures of Tami from today!

We will post her final post on Friday.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tami is doing great!

Tami has been with us for 3 days now and she is doing great.
She is a sweet sweet girl who is adapting really well at her foster home and is making great progress staying in her crate without whining while we leave the house or are on a different floor.
She is a smart girl! A simple "No, Tami" let's her know she has to rest and be quiet.
I have been gone for a few hours everyday, 2 legged foster brother only had to tell her "No,Tami" from another floor once until I came back 2 hours later. Every time when I come back she is resting nicely in her crate on her dog bed.

We enjoy fostering her as she is so friendly and loves people. She is very affectionate and will show it with lots of kisses.
We had a few people telling us already how beautiful and friendly she is while we were taking her for a walk.
At night, she sleeps like a baby in our room on her dog bed along with the resident hounds.
Oh Yeah, I almost forgot..... Tami does stairs like a pro, has good table manners and is completely housebroken ....Yes.... no accident at all! She lets us know when she needs to go.
She also enjoy the company of our dogs and now we have 3 dogs with Tami that sit for a treat. :-)

She loves to play in the yard with her stuffies, then needs a long nap on her dog bed!
When chasing the resident hounds in the yard she sometimes gets a little bossy and need supervision in the beginning as she gets really excited at first.

Tami will be at the Westminster Petsmart this Sunday October 31 between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm.

Here are some pictures of Tami with the 2 residents hounds sitting nicely for a treat!

If you would like to meet Tami come and see her at the Westminster Petsmart this Sunday or call Denise @ 304-229-4944

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tami has arrived!

Tami arrived earlier today and she is adjusting nicely so far to her foster home.
She met the resident hounds and the 2 legged resident children, played in the yard, and ate all of her supper :-)
Right now she is sleeping on the floor behind me as I'm typing....
We took her for walk and she did well. Some dogs were barking at us as we walked by and she was fine and ignored them.

Here are some pictures of today: her first day with us.
We will post more about Tami in the days to come, and will post more pictures!
If you would like to meet her, give Denise a call @304229-4944

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our little Miss Daisy finds her forever home!

Today was a really good day for Miss Daisy! :-)
A very nice couple came to meet her and fell in love with her, so you guessed it!
Daisy got her forever Home!
She will live near the Shenandoah valley area and that is a very pretty countryside where she will enjoy some nice walks.

We are so happy for Daisy!
She is welcome to visit her foster family anytime!
We miss you sweet little Daisy!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Daisy is cat workable!

Our little Miss Daisy is such a joy! She listens really well and is so sweet!
Last night she met Beauregard a very nice IG and she was so nice to him! She was happy to see him , wagged her tail and sniffed him.
She also had a first look at Melanie the cat who happened to be outside. She looked at the cat and was interested in her but walked away with me very easily.

Today we had our proper meeting, one on one with Melanie and here is the scoop:
At first she was very interested and after a gentle swipe on Melanie's part, Miss Daisy did not want to be that close to her :-)
Above are some pictures of Daisy with Melanie, you can see the one she was interested and the others where she did not mind the cat at all.
Above are some pictures of Daisy playing with her toys! She is such a good girl!
She is still scores a perfect 10 at our house!

If you would like to meet this wonderful girl, you know who to call :-D
Denise @ (304) 229-4944