Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tami is doing great!

Tami has been with us for 3 days now and she is doing great.
She is a sweet sweet girl who is adapting really well at her foster home and is making great progress staying in her crate without whining while we leave the house or are on a different floor.
She is a smart girl! A simple "No, Tami" let's her know she has to rest and be quiet.
I have been gone for a few hours everyday, 2 legged foster brother only had to tell her "No,Tami" from another floor once until I came back 2 hours later. Every time when I come back she is resting nicely in her crate on her dog bed.

We enjoy fostering her as she is so friendly and loves people. She is very affectionate and will show it with lots of kisses.
We had a few people telling us already how beautiful and friendly she is while we were taking her for a walk.
At night, she sleeps like a baby in our room on her dog bed along with the resident hounds.
Oh Yeah, I almost forgot..... Tami does stairs like a pro, has good table manners and is completely housebroken ....Yes.... no accident at all! She lets us know when she needs to go.
She also enjoy the company of our dogs and now we have 3 dogs with Tami that sit for a treat. :-)

She loves to play in the yard with her stuffies, then needs a long nap on her dog bed!
When chasing the resident hounds in the yard she sometimes gets a little bossy and need supervision in the beginning as she gets really excited at first.

Tami will be at the Westminster Petsmart this Sunday October 31 between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm.

Here are some pictures of Tami with the 2 residents hounds sitting nicely for a treat!

If you would like to meet Tami come and see her at the Westminster Petsmart this Sunday or call Denise @ 304-229-4944

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