Thursday, June 30, 2011

Money is such a honey!

Well, we have Money for a week and a half and this gentlemen is such a wonderful wonderful boy!
We really love him as he is so gentle and sweet,always a good listener,has great table manners and still had no accidents in the house.
He is starting to go up the stairs with minimal help and we know he can do it!
We have an update : Money has been going up the stairs the last 3 days all by himself! He is a pro at it now! We are so so proud of this nice boy!
He is totally part of our pack , loves everyone in his foster family, people and dogs.
He loves sunbathing in our yard and enjoys going for his walks everyday.
He is not a picky eater and never miss his breakfast and dinner. Of course he loves treats too!
We took some pictures this morning, enjoy!
If you would like to meet Money, send in your application and don't forget to give Denise a call at (304)229-4944

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wonderful Money!

Money has been with us for a week and he is such a wonderful boy to foster!
He is very calm and sweet and he had a greyt time today at the Meet and Greet.
He greeted everyone and gave lots of kisses too.
He just loved everyone! Kids, people and was a gentlemen! Always very well behaved, gentle and enjoying every minute of it!
He met many little and big dogs at Petsmart today and was very nice to all breeds.
We have a funny story to tell! When we came in the store as soon as he reached the end of the doormat he stopped and would not move so my husband carried him to where we were suppose to be at the opposite end of the store. He stayed on the dog bed there and then slowly but surely started to walk to greet people and dogs on the shiny floor until he remembered where he was then he walked back to the dog bed where he felt safe. He did that a few times. By the time it was time to go home he walked all the way to the front door at the opposite side of the store! Now that is really impressive! We are so so proud of him, that really is a huge accomplishment!
We don't have carpet in our living room or kitchen and is very comfortable walking on it but such a big space like Petsmart that was a very nice accomplishment!

We only have positive things to say about this sweet boy as he is such a greyt hound and is so easy and wonderful to live with.
He still had no accidents since he got here a week ago, does go down the stairs like a pro but still needs some help going up the stairs but he is doing better every day!

Here are some pictures of Money with the residents hounds and some little Italian greyhounds.

If you would like to meet this wonderful boy don't forget to send in your application and call Denise at (304)229-4944
Ps. Money is wearing a very special collar..... It was a gift from someone who lost their beloved greyhound and donated it for a very sweet foster to wear. It simply looks great on Money!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Money is part of our Gang!

Money is adjusting very nicely to his new life as a family member and in just a few days he has learned so much.
He is such a great goofy boy, always happy to see you and ready to give you tons of kisses.
Last night he slept upstairs in our bedroom along with the resident hounds and slept all night like a baby. He has such great manners! He waited until I got up and let me sleep in a little!
He did not chew his bed during the night and I think that it was because he was with us and not in a different area of the house all night. And has never chewed anything in the house while we were near him. He just rest on a dog bed like the resident hounds.
Now, he goes down that mountain of stairs all by himself. Just need help going up still.
He is very comfortable here and it feels like he is part of our pack already.
He rarely goes in his crate now( I think having no bed in it has something to do with that :-) ) and loves to hang out in the living room kitchen area just like the other hounds. . We only crate him when we have to leave the house and he does great in it.
He loves to be near his foster family and he is a great listener too.
Money is a very easy going boy with a very nice temperament and I think he just gets bored or anxious when left alone in a crate and that is probably why he chewed his blanket or bed in the crate the second night he was here.
He has not had any accidents in the house or crate , does great on walks and walks nicely .
Here are some pictures of Money playing outside this morning. Enjoy!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweet Money!

Money has been with us since Saturday afternoon and this sweet hound is doing awesome!
He is such a joy to foster!
He has a great disposition always so happy and good table manners too.
He also like the resident hounds and I saw him kiss them a few times! He is so sweet!
We ( people) get plenty of tail wagging and kisses too!
He has not had any accident in the house or his crate and does great on his walks . He met a couple of toddlers, a grandmother, saw kids riding their bike, heard other dogs barking while we went by and he did great! Oh yeah! He also saw a few rabbits and of course was interested but a simple "lets go Money" was enough and we continued our walk.

The first day he arrived he did not like to do the 3 steps we have outside to go to the yard or the linoleum floor but now he does the 3 steps like a pro and walks all over the kitchen floor and living room floor without any difficulties. We are really proud of him!
This morning,we tried the mountain of stairs to go to the bedroom and he does need help with those still. I have to admit they look scary for a hound which has never seen them before! But with time and practice he will get it!
He crates really well and when we come back home he always greets us with lots of kisses.
He is such a loving and affectionate boy!
Now Money is not perfect.... When left alone , we remove the dog bed in his crate as he will chew it but does not do that while we are home with him.

Here are some pictures we took today! Enjoy!
If you would like to meet this awesome hound you know who to call!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Money is in the house!

Money has arrived today at his foster home and has been a good boy so far!
He travels very nicely in the car and rested the whole way to his foster home.
He is a very handsome hound! And he is sooooo affectionate too!
I got tons of kisses already! He seems to be a very nice hound!
He met the residents hounds and had fun in the yard already. Tasha ,Win and Lizzy accepted him right away and he seems to like them too!

Here are some pictures of Money we took today! Enjoy!
We will post more about Money a in couple of days.
If you would like to meet this very sweet boy give Denise a shout!@