Thursday, June 30, 2011

Money is such a honey!

Well, we have Money for a week and a half and this gentlemen is such a wonderful wonderful boy!
We really love him as he is so gentle and sweet,always a good listener,has great table manners and still had no accidents in the house.
He is starting to go up the stairs with minimal help and we know he can do it!
We have an update : Money has been going up the stairs the last 3 days all by himself! He is a pro at it now! We are so so proud of this nice boy!
He is totally part of our pack , loves everyone in his foster family, people and dogs.
He loves sunbathing in our yard and enjoys going for his walks everyday.
He is not a picky eater and never miss his breakfast and dinner. Of course he loves treats too!
We took some pictures this morning, enjoy!
If you would like to meet Money, send in your application and don't forget to give Denise a call at (304)229-4944

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