Monday, February 28, 2011

Gus our handsome guy has spunk!

We have Gus since Saturday morning and he is a really nice boy!
Let's talk about all his really good attributes and he has plenty :-)

He has excellent table manners and you can eat your snacks in the living room while you watch TV or your dinner and he will stay nicely on his dog bed.
He will not wake you at 5:00 am but wait until you wake up for his morning potty break and if he has to go he will either whine or bark to let you know of any emergencies. He sleeps in our bedroom on his dog bed along with the resident hounds.
He is completely housebroken ( no accident(s) in the house )
He is cat safe and small animal safe.
He gets along really well with our dogs including our Borzoi girl. He actually greets her with a kiss every morning, I think he loves her. ;-)
He is a loving boy who just wants to be loved and loves lots of attention. ( loves hugs )
He does stairs like a champion!

Well you guessed it nobody is perfect right?
Here are his negatives we notice so far and they are not many only 2.

He does not like to be home alone and will need a home where there is another dog to keep him company when his family is gone. A family who works part-time or from home is even better for Gus!

He gets very excited and will jump on you when you arrive home or when he sees you with his leash. We have been turning our backs to him when he tries to jump up on us, and only acknowledge him once he stops the jumping. He is a fast learner and only wants to please you.

We really enjoy fostering this very sweet boy. He is so much fun too!
If you would like to meet Gus, give Denise a call at (304) 229-4944
We took some pictures at the meet and greet yesterday, and some more this morning.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gus is here!

Gus arrived this morning and had a great day!
He is a very sweet boy and has been on his best behavior so far.
He gets along very well with the resident hounds and already invited Tasha to play with him in the yard.
Gus is a very handsome boy and will greet you with tail wagging and kisses :-)
He looks very relaxed already, went for a nice walk, played in the yard, ate all his supper and now is resting comfortably on his dog bed!

Gus needs a home where there is another canine friend to keep him company when the humans are gone. He is cat friendly as well!

He will be at the Meet and Greet tomorrow at the Westminster Petsmart between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm.

We will post more about Gus in a few days, but so far we really like this really sweet and loving boy!

Here are some pictures of Gus, his first day with us! Enjoy :-)

If you would like to meet this sweet boy give Denise a call at (304)229-4944

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Damron is home!!!

Well today a really nice family came to see Damron and you guessed it.... They loved him right away :-)
Of course he was as always on his best behavior! What can I say? He is the cream of the cream :-)

He was really happy to see his new family too , I think he approves of them too :-)

He is going to live with 3 cats and his new Mom and Dad have 2 wonderful children who are so happy to have Damron as a new member of their family.

We miss you already big guy!

Here are the last few pictures of Damron playing with his stuffy :-)

We wish Damron a very happy life with is new family!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Damron is our gentle giant!

Well, we have this so so gentle boy for 2 days now and we are still very impressed with his great temperament.
He is a big boy at 80 pounds and has huge feet ;-)
So far he has not master the stairs and he is cautious about doing my 15 or so steps to go to the bedroom at night but is fine doing 3 steps to the yard and front porch.
He is calm in the house but enjoy running in the yard and having a buddy to play with is always fun!

Damron is cat workable :-))))
He past the cat test! He met my neighbor's cat and was not excited at all just a little curious, so with some work he will be just fine I think in a house with some feline friends.

Here are some pictures we took today. Enjoy!