Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Damron is our gentle giant!

Well, we have this so so gentle boy for 2 days now and we are still very impressed with his great temperament.
He is a big boy at 80 pounds and has huge feet ;-)
So far he has not master the stairs and he is cautious about doing my 15 or so steps to go to the bedroom at night but is fine doing 3 steps to the yard and front porch.
He is calm in the house but enjoy running in the yard and having a buddy to play with is always fun!

Damron is cat workable :-))))
He past the cat test! He met my neighbor's cat and was not excited at all just a little curious, so with some work he will be just fine I think in a house with some feline friends.

Here are some pictures we took today. Enjoy!

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