Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Money is part of our Gang!

Money is adjusting very nicely to his new life as a family member and in just a few days he has learned so much.
He is such a great goofy boy, always happy to see you and ready to give you tons of kisses.
Last night he slept upstairs in our bedroom along with the resident hounds and slept all night like a baby. He has such great manners! He waited until I got up and let me sleep in a little!
He did not chew his bed during the night and I think that it was because he was with us and not in a different area of the house all night. And has never chewed anything in the house while we were near him. He just rest on a dog bed like the resident hounds.
Now, he goes down that mountain of stairs all by himself. Just need help going up still.
He is very comfortable here and it feels like he is part of our pack already.
He rarely goes in his crate now( I think having no bed in it has something to do with that :-) ) and loves to hang out in the living room kitchen area just like the other hounds. . We only crate him when we have to leave the house and he does great in it.
He loves to be near his foster family and he is a great listener too.
Money is a very easy going boy with a very nice temperament and I think he just gets bored or anxious when left alone in a crate and that is probably why he chewed his blanket or bed in the crate the second night he was here.
He has not had any accidents in the house or crate , does great on walks and walks nicely .
Here are some pictures of Money playing outside this morning. Enjoy!

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