Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wonderful Money!

Money has been with us for a week and he is such a wonderful boy to foster!
He is very calm and sweet and he had a greyt time today at the Meet and Greet.
He greeted everyone and gave lots of kisses too.
He just loved everyone! Kids, people and was a gentlemen! Always very well behaved, gentle and enjoying every minute of it!
He met many little and big dogs at Petsmart today and was very nice to all breeds.
We have a funny story to tell! When we came in the store as soon as he reached the end of the doormat he stopped and would not move so my husband carried him to where we were suppose to be at the opposite end of the store. He stayed on the dog bed there and then slowly but surely started to walk to greet people and dogs on the shiny floor until he remembered where he was then he walked back to the dog bed where he felt safe. He did that a few times. By the time it was time to go home he walked all the way to the front door at the opposite side of the store! Now that is really impressive! We are so so proud of him, that really is a huge accomplishment!
We don't have carpet in our living room or kitchen and is very comfortable walking on it but such a big space like Petsmart that was a very nice accomplishment!

We only have positive things to say about this sweet boy as he is such a greyt hound and is so easy and wonderful to live with.
He still had no accidents since he got here a week ago, does go down the stairs like a pro but still needs some help going up the stairs but he is doing better every day!

Here are some pictures of Money with the residents hounds and some little Italian greyhounds.

If you would like to meet this wonderful boy don't forget to send in your application and call Denise at (304)229-4944
Ps. Money is wearing a very special collar..... It was a gift from someone who lost their beloved greyhound and donated it for a very sweet foster to wear. It simply looks great on Money!

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