Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweet Money!

Money has been with us since Saturday afternoon and this sweet hound is doing awesome!
He is such a joy to foster!
He has a great disposition always so happy and good table manners too.
He also like the resident hounds and I saw him kiss them a few times! He is so sweet!
We ( people) get plenty of tail wagging and kisses too!
He has not had any accident in the house or his crate and does great on his walks . He met a couple of toddlers, a grandmother, saw kids riding their bike, heard other dogs barking while we went by and he did great! Oh yeah! He also saw a few rabbits and of course was interested but a simple "lets go Money" was enough and we continued our walk.

The first day he arrived he did not like to do the 3 steps we have outside to go to the yard or the linoleum floor but now he does the 3 steps like a pro and walks all over the kitchen floor and living room floor without any difficulties. We are really proud of him!
This morning,we tried the mountain of stairs to go to the bedroom and he does need help with those still. I have to admit they look scary for a hound which has never seen them before! But with time and practice he will get it!
He crates really well and when we come back home he always greets us with lots of kisses.
He is such a loving and affectionate boy!
Now Money is not perfect.... When left alone , we remove the dog bed in his crate as he will chew it but does not do that while we are home with him.

Here are some pictures we took today! Enjoy!
If you would like to meet this awesome hound you know who to call!

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