Friday, November 19, 2010

West is part of the pack!

We have had West for 5 days now and he is doing so well at our house.
We only have wonderful things to say about this gentleman!
We took him to the pet store to go buy some more treats and he did great! He just rested in the car and was friendly to everyone ( 2 0r 4 legged creatures ).
He loves going for walks and met lots of little dogs and of course, you guessed it, he was really sweet to them. He is a happy hound with great manners and gets along well with dogs all sizes and ignored the kitten that my neighbor was holding in his arms. :-)
He will definitely be a Mommy's boy but he loves everyone that comes in the house.

He sleeps all night in our bedroom along with the resident hounds , had no accidents in the house , and is a really wonderful boy !

When I go take my shower, I crate him and 90% of the time he just rest in his crate... sometimes he makes a little funny bark and does another one a few minutes later and that is it! Then he just rests until I come back to the living room.
Yesterday, he stayed for 1 hour and a half while I left the house and did great! I came back and he was resting in his crate. :-)

He loves the sofa and loves to cuddle with his foster family. Yes, he is spoiled :-))))
I let my dogs go on the sofa and it would be so unfair not to let West go on it, so if you would like to meet this great boy and have a soft sofa to share with him or want a buddy to cuddle with while watching a scary movie call Denise!
Here are some nice pictures of West we took this week.

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