Friday, September 3, 2010

Daisy is cat workable!

Our little Miss Daisy is such a joy! She listens really well and is so sweet!
Last night she met Beauregard a very nice IG and she was so nice to him! She was happy to see him , wagged her tail and sniffed him.
She also had a first look at Melanie the cat who happened to be outside. She looked at the cat and was interested in her but walked away with me very easily.

Today we had our proper meeting, one on one with Melanie and here is the scoop:
At first she was very interested and after a gentle swipe on Melanie's part, Miss Daisy did not want to be that close to her :-)
Above are some pictures of Daisy with Melanie, you can see the one she was interested and the others where she did not mind the cat at all.
Above are some pictures of Daisy playing with her toys! She is such a good girl!
She is still scores a perfect 10 at our house!

If you would like to meet this wonderful girl, you know who to call :-D
Denise @ (304) 229-4944

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