Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yahoo is a fast learner!

Yahoo has been with us for only 3 days is doing really well!
The first day at our house she learned to do the stairs and went all the way to our bedroom at bedtime and slept like a baby on her dog bed all night and is really a pro at going up and down the stairs! So every night she sleeps in our bedroom along with the residents hounds.

She is in her crate only when I am either in the shower or out of the house and she is doing really well ! I left her already up to 3 hours today and she was fine and was resting comfortably!
The first day she was in her crate she did cry a little bit but not a long time at all and now does great!

She loves counter surfing and a "No Yahoo" lets her know she has too leave the kitchen and she does listen well and loves to please :-)
She had one little accident in the house but was not her fault . Her foster Dad did not let her out in our yard when he let her out of the crate and she was in it for 3 hours and that was the only time :-)

She loves going on the sofa , sometimes she does not want to share it with the residents hounds( only when she is the first one on it ) and then just bark once at them , we are correcting that by telling her to get of the sofa if she does not want to share it.

We took her for a quick walk as it is really cold , and she did fine on the leash too :-)

She really is a sweet little girl who will greet you every time with tons of kisses and tail wagging!
Her are some pictures with took of Yahoo and if you wish to meet this little sweetie call Denise at (304)229-4944

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