Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet Lady is wonderful!

Lady is such a fun and happy hound.
She already won everyone's heart here, hounds and people.
If you are looking for a well behaved hound with some spunk she is the girl for you!
She has adjust really well to us and the resident hounds right away and would make her new family really happy. She loves to be around people and hounds here and everyone got lots of kisses from this super sweet loving girl.

She has mastered the stairs in 2 days and every night she goes upstairs without any help and sleeps in our bedroom . So far we are really impressed with her sweet and friendly disposition.
She loves soft toys and it is so much fun watching her play with them.

She has not had any accident in the house and a few times has whined to let us know she needs to go outside which is great! We do let all our dogs out frequently during the day, first thing in the morning, after breakfast, lunch time, at 3:30 pm, after dinner and before bed.
I had a doctor appt. today and Lady had to stay in a crate for one hour and 30 min. She did whine for at least 10 or 15 min. according to my son who could here her from the bedroom but
she looked fine not stressed out at all when I walked in the house.

She loves having fun in the yard and loves to be chased by Tasha,Win and Lizzy.
Lady would love a house with a fenced yard as she loves to run, loves laying in the grass, loves to be around people and would give you unconditional love every time!
She enjoys walks too and has discovered that bunnies are everywhere this time a year.
Ps. I just took Lady and Lizzy for a nice walk this afternoon and she did great! She walked nicely on the leash, did her business but we did not see any bunnies this time. I think they come out more at night!
Here are some pictures of Lady playing with some stuffies . Enjoy!

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