Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lady is having a ball!

Lady is a wonderful girl, she is playful and a very lovable hound. We really enjoy having her around!
She is a lot of fun and always a happy hound.
She is part of the pack here and has made herself at home.
She has excellent table manners too and lets you eat in peace and just stays on her dog bed while you eat!

Lady is a little tomboy and can play rough ( she plays like a lab) while outside so we let her run out all her extra energy first. She retrieves the tennis ball and frisbee too. When she is really happy she rolls in the grass just like our Borzoi girl Tasha!
She is sweet and always ready to please you!
Here are some pictures of Lady playing in the yard. Enjoy!
P.s. Click on the picture to zoom in and have a better look at Lady in action.
We were gone four 4 hours yesterday and Lady did great in her crate while we were gone, we are really proud of her!!!

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