Monday, April 18, 2011

Lady is doing great!

Lady spent her first night with us and slept like a baby. She slept in our bedroom with the resident hounds and waited until we got out of bed to get up. She did need a tiny bit of help going up and down the stairs but got it really quickly! I am sure she won't need help at all really soon.

She ate all her supper and really likes Tasha,Lizzy and Win and they accepted her too.

Oh yeah, I got tons of kisses already and lots of tail wagging! She really is a love bug.
We only had her one day and we enjoy fostering her. She is really well behaved and calm in the house. She is a very happy hound and is adjusting really nicely and quickly. Lady is part of our pack already.

She does get a little excited for a few seconds when just just come in the living room but settles right away, she is just so happy to see you .
We took some pictures of Lady playing with Tasha this morning in the yard.
If you would like to meet this sweet beautiful girl call Denise!

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