Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy-go-lucky Clyde!

We only have great things to say about Clyde...
He is such a smart dog! He is doing really well with his " wait " command. This is a good command to know. Before our walk, he waits until I say "OK " to start going...
He does really well on the walks. He does not pull or bark even if he sees another dog, and that is great!
People in the neighborhood really like him and say that he is so beautiful and so friendly! They are right, he is all that! He has beautiful light brown eyes!

Clyde is doing amazingly well at learning sharing his toys! We took some nice pictures of him playing with them :-)

He pretty much is out of the crate all day and is doing well. At night and when we are gone are the only times he is in his crate. He sleeps well all night and does well in it during the day as well...
Tonight he met an Italian greyhound and the meeting was nice and friendly.
We are very proud of him! He is a smart and happy hound who would adjust easily to his forever home :-)

If you like to meet this happy, tail wagging, kissing, and friendly greyhound with good manners, give Denise a call!

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