Thursday, June 10, 2010

Clyde meets the neighborhood horse!

Today was such a nice day that we decided to take Clyde for a walk and see how he behaves on a leash.
We put a harness on him because he has a strong prey drive, just in case we saw a few bunnies or cats on our walk. He did really well! He leans on you while you walk and also when you stop.
We did not meet any dogs; just a few people cutting their lawn and he just walked by them.
He heard a dog barking at us from a window while we walked by and Clyde was just fine.

Then we decided to introduce him to Vincent, our neighborhood horse. He was not too sure at first and ended up nose to nose with the horse.

He is such a love bug! He will put his head on your lap while you are on the sofa and his head on your chest if you are laying down .... He loves everybody, we have 2 college kids and 3 other dogs and Clyde loves the kids and the resident hounds!
One more thing! He has not had any accident(s) in the house or his crate so far! He will cry or stand by the door if he needs to go....

He is a joy to have at our house and we are so happy we are able to foster this happy boy!

Here are some pictures :

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