Monday, June 7, 2010

Clyde has arrived!

Clyde ( Dr Clyde the man ) has arrived!
He is really adjusting quiet well to his foster home and he has charmed the girls already!
Tasha really likes him and so does Lizzy and Win.
It has not been 24 hours since his arrival and we got lots of tail wagging and even a lick!
He is obedient when you tell him "NO" when he is counter surfing, and he listens right away.
After a few minutes of crying in his crate last night, he settled and had a good night sleep--so did we.
He does have a high prey drive! In the yard, he does not miss any bunnies that he can see! He will chase them!

We leave his crate open when we are home and he goes in it when he is ready for his nap.
He is a sweetheart and affectionate !

If you would like to meet Clyde please call Denise @ (304)229-4944

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