Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Smiling Sadie!

This little girl is so much fun! We had never had a dog that smiled so much until we fostered Sadie the smiling queen!

Well, we have Sadie since Saturday afternoon and we have a lot positive things to say about her.
She is very friendly and will smile at you every time you come in the house and a few times on command!
She listen pretty well too, has good table manners , a simple "no Sadie" let her know to leave you while you snack or eat your dinner.
She gets along well with the residents hounds and they like her goofy attitude!
She went for a walk and did great, she saw some bunnies and birds, was very interested in them but a simple "let's go Sadie" and she continued her walk .
She is still learning to do steps but got the going down part.

One negative is that she is a little baby and whines easily but I think she will do less of that as she gets use to her new life as a family member. She does well in her crate when we leave the house for a few hours ( she probably whines for a little while) but when we come back she is resting nicely on her bed in the crate and that is the only time she is crated.

She is so loving ,fun and so friendly! Here are some pictures we took of her and Tasha our Borzoi girl. Enjoy!

If you would like to meet our little smiling queen call Denise at (304)229-4944!

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