Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sadie has arrived today!

Our new little foster girl has arrived today and did great in the car on the ride to her foster home.

She is a little black tuxedo girl with white little paws. She looks like she is wearing socks! So so cute and adorable!

I already got a kiss and she hasn't stop wagging her tail at everyone she meets and that is people and hounds. Sadie is a very affectionate little girl! I think she already smiled at me !
She sat a few times already and would probably learn to do it on command for a treat.
Sadie inspected the yard and did her business then met the residents hounds and she seems to like them too. So far we like her very sweet disposition!

We took some pictures of Sadie and you can see she has really beautiful eyes! Click on each picture to have a closer look at Sadie! Click again for an even closer look!

Ps. Sadie had a good night sleep last night and with some help went up the stairs to our bedroom to sleep on her dog bed. This morning, we discovered she smiles on command! OMG! Too funny! I asked her to smile for me and came to me and smiled each time!
Well, Sadie isn't perfect! She is whiney at times and needs a patient family . A family where someone's home a lot or work part-time is best for Sadie. We went out for dinner and Sadie did great in her crate for a couple of hours! When we let her out as soon as we got back she couldn't stop smiling at us as she was so happy to see us. What a funny girl!
If you would like to meet Sadie call Denise at (304)229-4944 and don't forget to send in your application!

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