Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Little Yahoo is part of our pack!

Little Yahoo fits quite well in her foster home!
She is such a loving little girl who just asks for love, love and more love.... Ok food too!
She loves to be around her family and loves to be near them at night as well. So every night she sleeps upstairs in our bedroom on her dog bed and sleep like an angel!

The perfect home for her would be a family who is home a lot and has another medium size dog or greyhound to keep her company when the humans are gone. A family where someone works from home, retired or works part-time is best for Yahoo.

We really enjoy fostering her because she is such a love bug, loves the attention and only wants to please you.

Her negatives are :
she loves counter surfing and she is learning.... :-) A simple "No" tells her she has to go away from the kitchen and she lets you eat your dinner peacefully.
She loves to jump on people when they just come as she is excited to meet you and petting her and turning your back on her really helps and she only does it for a few seconds.

She had one accident in her crate while I had to go to work and she stayed 5 hours in her crate on Monday. I think she was anxious and nervous that she would stay crated all day. Because she can hold it all night every night and that is way more than 5 hours. But at night she is near us and is relaxed then.

We took some nice pictures today while she was playing in the snow! enjoy!
If you would like to meet this little girl call Denise ;-) @ (304)229-4944

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