Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Willie is doing really well!

It has only been 3 days that Willie has been with us and he is adjusting well to his new role as a family member!
Yesterday he met some little dogs and did really good!
Four Italian greyhounds walked across the street to meet him and Willie let them greet him.
He wagged his tail and sniffed them.... I was really proud of him! Their owner complimented him on his nice and calm attitude!

He is also doing better on his table manner! He still needs to be reminded and a "No" lets him know that he has to leave the kitchen's counter area.

He does really well on the leash and tonight I was again really proud of him when a little dog was barking at us while being walked on an retractable leash and Willie did not care and just stood there ready to continue our evening walk.

Well it is time for Willie to go to bed now!
Bye for now!

Still no accidents in the house accident!

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